H0L0 set

As mentioned previously, I played a solo set a couple of weeks ago at H0L0 with Christina Puerto (Giants/Bethlehem Steel), Warm Dust and HOST. Everyone on that bill is a friend and super talented, so I was really excited to get to play, and the night had a good vibe all around.

I wanted to try to do a set that combined my obtuse tape-looping machine with some of the songs I’d been working on for the bcc: record and beyond. Practicing with this setup beforehand was pretty hit or miss, so I was nervous going in, but overall it felt pretty good, and I might even do it again.

For now, here are a couple of videos that Kaitlyn (who plays bass in bcc: and Jury Duty) took, and a recording of the full set, for the curious. The lyrics are ad hoc, so if it sounds like nonsense, it’s because it is. The one exception is the last song, “My Hiding Life”, which is a cover of a song my friend Seth Long wrote.

Next show is 5/11 at Gold Sounds

Until next time,